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Marie Leonard, a successful interior designer of nearly twenty years, is the owner and principal designer of Marie Lyall Interior Design, a boutique design firm specializing in residential and commercial design, and interior décor, located  in the world-renown Napa Valley, California.


for all inquiries

t.   707 . 290 . 5405

e.  marielyallinteriordesign@marielyall.com

   With enthusiasm, Marie looks forward to hearing from you, whether you are an existing client or a new potential client.  With your interior design project in mind, Marie is delighted to discuss your needs for interior design, renovation, new build or decorating assistance.

   Please fill out the contact form and feel free to address any questions you may have concerning your project, or contact Marie for a complimentary introductory phone call!

Marie Lyall Interior Design

Marie Leonard | CEO - Principal Designer

Napa Valley, CA  94558

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