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Bed & Bath Suite

Renovation, Napa CA

Our clients, now empty nesters, wanted a luxurious retreat so they can step into a realm of opulence and comfort within this indulgent bedroom and bath suite, an exquisite manifestation of sophistication and design finesse curated for the client's specifications. The bedroom, adorned in plush textures and muted tones, features a floor-to-ceiling tile fireplace wall nestled next to a custom-built furniture piece that includes a mini espresso machine.


Adjacent lies the lavish en-suite bathroom, a sanctuary of relaxation and refinement. Stunning porcelain floors lead to a freestanding soaking tub nestled beneath a west-facing window, inviting natural light to dance upon its glossy surface. A vanity built for two with a beautiful stone wall showcasing the vanity. A rainfall shower, concealed behind a glass wall, offers a rejuvenating escape. Every element of this sanctuary harmonizes to create an oasis of unparalleled luxury and tranquility, beckoning one to indulge in its lavish embrace.


Contractor: Yeakley Construction

Designer: Marie Leonard of Marie Lyall Interior Design

Cabinetry: Design Showcase

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